My family is sitting in the other room talking about kicking me out like I can't hear them. Finals week, I'm already stressed to the max, and they want to be like this because I complained about doing the dishes this morning because I wasn't feeling good and said I would do it after a shower, which I did. So apparently this makes me ungrateful and lazy and all other sorts of things. So to avoid any more of this while I'm trying to study I'm packing up ship and going to my boyfriends house. I'm so upset right now. My step dad really knows how to be an ass when it really counts.

Its like he can come home and belittle everyone including my mom because he had a bad day. But if I wake up sore and complain about doing the dishes and tell my mom I will do them once I get a shower, and then actually do them, I am lazy and have an attitude. However I didn't realize my mom was sick this morning or I would have kept my complaints to myself. After realizing that I did more than I usually do and even called on my way home from work and offered to go to the store for her. But I'm inconsiderate. And lazy because while writing 12 summaries I couldn't "take 5 min to clean the table". I told them they would still be there when I got done with them and these had a deadline tonight and the dishes didn't. But apparently the damn dishes are more important than my grades. I guess if they were, you know, he could have done them. But what do I know.