Good mornng,
I am looking for some answers about the medicine Plaquenil! I was digonised last thursday with UCTD!!! I am still very new to all this because i truefully thought everything was in my head. Of course like many of you I am just as confused and baffeled as to how one day i was taking care of my kids...working out and living a normal life. Than one day it just went sour. I couldn't get my rythem in my excersise class...and it just feel apart from there. Most of my concerns have been posted in earlier forums, and i am so lucky and blessed to have had such wonderful support on this website. However, with every day that passes I have more and more questions and todays concern is about the meds.... Before taking the medication i was feeling all those wonderful symptoms that we all feel....tired, confused, dizzy, pain skin sensitive the list is endless. on the medication i still feel the same way. I thought i could venture out of the house the other day and go to the market...half way through my shopping BAM!!! i thought i was going to die....the room started to spin ...i was sweating , cold , ringing in my ears...again the list is endless.....called the dr to tell her what was going on and she assured me it is not side affects from meds but just flare ups of the disease.....Has anyone experinced this? i cant go out i feel like a prisioner in my own home...i'm tired of feeling this way...when will the dizzness stop when will i be able to go out and enjoy life again...of course i developed another red flag which is very dry mouth soreness in my throat and and dry eyes now i'm being tested for sjorans disease even though the blood test came back negitive....WOW!!! hows that for a rant.....I should also mention that i have dropped 5 pounds in one week ....what is really going scared and confused.