Well it has taken 18 months to get the diagnosis. I have seen 3 rheumi's. First two said Connective Tissue disorder. Second one said probably Lupus but doesn't want to say that until blood shows more. I only had 1 positive low titre ana and 2 negative. Third Rheumy who heads up the Lupus research for Barnes Hospital in St. Louis saw me two days ago and said LUPUS! She said I have Livido Reticularis all over body, Raynauds, Malar rash on cheeks and also a discoid rash on neck. I have complained of deep pain in body especially knees, ankles wrists hands and feet. Weakness is legs and hands. Problems when walking fast...I can't lift my toes to keep walking. Extreme fatigue, low grade fever about once a week. Migraines. Major memory and concentration problems. Tests have found lesions in brain and on spine. Started my first Plaquenil yesterday. Any advice would be appreciated.