Sue and all my Lupie friends......

It's been so long it seems since I was able to lift your days and help you smile. I have had a tough time of it the past couple months between the pneumonia, a lung infection, and two pieces of broken rods came loose in my back,punctureing my spinal canal.

It really tests your integrity and will to survive when it all comes down that fast.
I have been through Liver cancer treatments and all sorts of horrible diseases that would have darn near killed some people..but something inside keeps me going.
The will to live with what I have to the best of my ability. It is through most of the words that I gave away to most of you that I had to rely on to get me through my darkest moments.

There was a point to where they induced a coma to treat my spine....and it seemed as if I was dying or my mind was watching a video...I saw beautiful pics of me playing as a child,fighting in Viet Namn and going to my grandmothers funeral.

I remember hearing my wife say to me as I was out...
DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE ME.....something from that sentence stuck cause as she kissed me goodbye for the night it was the first time I squeezed her hand and they knew that there was NO permanent nerve brain damage.

I've been home for a bit and am just now beginning to feel better.....I was down to 120 lbs from I eat like a horse !!!!!

They got me back on Prednisone.....80 mg 2x daily !!! AHHHHHHH DARN I hate that drug.

I guess all I wanted to say was that it was a pleasure being a moderator here and helping you with your problems.....and I thank you for all the kind words and allowing me to be of help to you and then use my own words to bring me back from the brink of darkness.

WE SHALL SURVIVE !!!!!!! NEVER GIVE UP..and trust me IT CAN get worse!

I miss and love you all.....especially my friend SUE and I am sooooo glad to see that this site which was made in dedication to SUE's beloved
" ANGEL LAURI " has survived the time.

Best regards,
stjames :lol: :lol: :lol: