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Thread: Potty talk... WARNING: Icky icky!!

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    Well.. I've been putting off this dreaded subject because it's only been an occaional thing.. And hasn't been too alarming.. But now it's happening much more frequently. I aplogize for the yucky things I'm about to discuss... Leave now if you are easily disgusted!!!

    I've been having lots of blood in my stools. It's not dark, tarry, or anything like that.. It's bright red and a little 'mixed' in. Sometimes it's on the TP too.

    Probably just hemmoriods, right? If so, is this normal with AI disease? Or what else causes? New meds? I'm not really 'straining' (sorry, gross I know) but I don't know if whether I should be alarmed or not.

    I thought those were things that only old people got..... Once again..

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