Well.. The rheumy wanted to confirm labs so he repeated my bloodwork that was done at my primary.

An alas, everything is normal.. So he's not doing anythign but keeping me on the EXTREMELY low dose of prednisone (that isn't doing CRAP) and the yucky crummy Cymbalta.

Why is it that 10 years ago, I had some sort of a positive ANA.. Then I went 10 years of it being normal while my body slowly progressed.. Then I test postive (1:320 speckled/homo) with high levels on anti-RNP and scl-70.. And a month later it's normal? He said all my compliments (?) and other stuff to indicate severity were also normal so he's not worried about increasing meds (despite all my pain????)

I don't know if he's 'undiagnosing' me or what... He was still never really sure if it was Lupus, Scerloderma, or MCTD.. (not that I cared, as long as I was getting treatment).

Anyone wanna shed some light? Personal experience?