My Mom is 69. She was diagnosed with Lupus in 1976 at 33. At that time she was told that she had 5 years to live and the doctor's wanted her to be bed ridden. That's not my Mom. and she said "Nope, I'm going to enjoy my life."

With in the last year or two things have really gotten out of control. She had been on plaquenil for 25 years until recently because one of the side effects is the eye retina detaching. This came on all of a sudden.

So she can't take the new lupus med either.

Allergies: Valium, Morpine, sufas, darvon, darvacet, nubain, iodine, codine, demeral, tetracyclines, prpoxyphen-n100, lodine or etodolac, temazepam (it is the Bdnxodyxocain in it). Other medications causing vomiting: ocycodone/acetaminophen, percoset or tylox.


Neuropathy, all lower teeth just now diagnosed as absessed and infected, leaky aortic valve in heart, gastrointestinal...can't eat or has dry heaves and water bowels, lung fibromyalgiam, throat- nielson procedure (still having trouble swallowing and has node-one hard that is of concern and some that are soft, hemorraghed colitis- still a problem, upper colon not functioning to the point that inspection could not be processed, optical migraines, liver or pancreas problem-not sure yet. Others that may or may not have been taken care of, swelling of legs and ankles.

Meds - will post tomorrow - numerous!!!!

Need the best Lupus Doctor or Hospital that can work with Nerve Doctor's, Heart Doctors, Dentists, Eye Doctors, Gastrointestinal Doctors, Liver or pancreas doctors, throat doctor, and colon doctors.

The goal is to have meds reviewed, and a group of the best doctors mentioned above to work together and communicate with one another concerning her condition.

She is at the point of losing her will to live. She is in constant pain in one format or another, getting new bad news, and she would like to see just some improvement in her health.

Can someone please tell me where I can get such a customer oriented doctor or hospital that can effectively create a team to work with her.

Anywhere in the USA is an answer.

Thanks to all !!