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Thread: how to expaline to someone who has not clue

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    Wow y'all are much more patient than I am with this topic! I give up after a few attempts because then its jsut a waste of energy that I dont have! If you can believe own Mother who has lupus and RA was at the rheumy coincedentally and because I was scared to get a kenelog shot like she suggested she said "that I obviously enjoyed being sick and in pain because I wouldnt do anything about it". Can you believe that!?! This is all new to be and shes got 35 yrs of experience of popping pills and taking steroids unlike myself who never took more than OTC migraine meds before Feb 12!!!


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    I think I may have more success stuffing my head down the lavatory than I will convincing people that I am sick. My friend thinks my entire illness will be cured by herbs. As I have just been started on Imuran, I had to have a skin cancer check as it increases your risk of skin cancer and I said that concerned me as I have had moles removed (not cancer) and she said 'I think you are overreacting here' Then the other day I had a hip injection (steroid) and it got infected and specialist was observing me and I had to call him yesterday to give him an update with a view to going in to hospital (luckily I didnt need to) and my friend said 'Oh for gods sake, talk of overreacting' (as in the doctor)

    She thinks I am exaggerating, overreacting, hypochondriac - and then thinks I should try herbal remedies as they 'can cure everything' and told me about her friend who had her lupus cured by alternative therapy.

    I have had another friend despite me telling her not to, that I dont like it - makes comments about my face being a bit puffy from the steroids, 'Oh but I am only joking' she says and then does it again. Well yesterday my husband went mad about a comment she posted on my facebook and said 'I dont tell her how fat she is and she has no excuse for her appearance, but I might just start'

    Those that dont understand and judge us are stupid, and I will uphold my long standing reply 'To the uneducated, it may appear that we are hypochondriacs but hey, you cant help being simple'.

    Seriously, when my hair was falling out or when my mouth is cracked through no saliva production, when I am wide awake with steroid insomnia, these people are not around to help nor care. They do not buy my medication, they do not pay for my appointments and they only appear when they want to pass (stupid) comments.

    So believe me, dont believe me, because if they dont believe me then they can take the door out of my life and make a quick exit - I have no room for toxic people that make me feel anything less than good about myself.
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