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Thread: In the diagnosis process right now...

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    Default In the diagnosis process right now...

    Well, I have just had one test so far...the ANA, which was 1:160.
    I have what seems to be the butterfly rash faintly, but I feel like I have more symptoms of Sjogrens (dry mouth and eyes are the worst).
    I do have a sensitivity/allergy to Sulfa drugs, sulfites and sulfates in personal products like soaps or shampoos, so I have to stay away from wine, certain foods and have yet to find a decent shampoo.
    I also have a few places of slight vitiligo, I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis (with goiter) and I have had increased dental problems over the past year.

    Anyway, my doctor is referring me to a rheumatologist, so I am hoping it doesn't take long to get an appt. I have other issues right now as well, with being in perimenopause AND I have to get an ultrasound of my uterus on Thursday because it is apparently "enormous".

    I am having a hard time not feeling depressed and/or apathetic right now and I need to snap out of it. I am hoping something skewed the test and all of these other weird things are just flukes. I did have mono (lucky me!) back in the fall of 2009, so who knows?

    Please tell me that if this is my diagnosis that I can live my life okay just like I do with the hypothyroidism. I do get symptomatic, and then I know it's time for bloodwork and a medication increase.

    Ugh...just so many thoughts and worries going through my mind now, so any reassuring words you have are certainly welcomed.


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    All of us have been there the not knowing stage is so hard. I hope you can get some answers soon and start feeling better just know that we are here !

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    a favoutite saying here is ....
    "do not borrow trouble"

    you are living your life now.
    knowing what is making you unwell is a good thing.
    it will enable you to have medical treatment.

    many people with lupus live to a good ripe old age.
    some unfortunatelly do not.
    medication is the key.

    early intervention is a good thing.
    please do not overworry until you know what is happenning.

    and welcome to we have lupus.

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    Steve said it perfectly. Try not to go to the "what if's" but don't assume Lupus is a death sentence. For many people it is just like you said. You get times of feeling really badly and they work on adjusting meds to get you to a more normal place. We call it the new normal but it is still a place where life can be full and productive for most people.

    It often takes a very long time to get a diagnoses so just know that we are here for you as you travel this path

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

    ~Winston Churchill~

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