So, I've been posting about MTX since I started taking it a week ago tomorrow. I noticed earlier today when I reached my hands above my head to stretch I got pain in my chest in the middle where your sternum area is. I stretched a few more times but it hasn't subsided. I noticed sitting still it also has a burning feel to it like inflammation. I've also noticed a heaviness on my chest and shortness of breath(I though the SOB was from the metho or something as stated in my updated MTX post.) I have also had burning in other parts of my body as usual with lupus and the rash and earlier my temp was 99.3. I'm just trying to figure out if this is what I think it is?(Costochondritis)or if it could be something else more serious? There is some tightness as well in my back like right behind where the pain is in the front and it seems to be in the muscles next to my spine.

It feels similar to Pleurisy but not quite....any ideas?? I don't want to make a wasted trip to the dr if I don't have to. My rheumy was right...I wasn't bad when I saw her, but after I left thngs just decided to crop up.....blah. It's never ending!