Hello -
Thanks to the folks who are making this forum possible - it's so hard to find information and people to talk to sometimes!

I was diagnosed with lupus about two weeks ago, and I feel like I'm a really weird, backwards case. I read so much about everyone having many varied symptoms, and a really hard time getting a diagnosis. I was the reverse. I've never had any symptoms of lupus - except for one very minor joint pain flare sixteen years ago.

What I do have is transverse myelitis, which is an autoimmune attack on the myelin of the spine. I had a mild attack on March 27, and for about a month the neuro's were all convinced it was going to become MS, even though none of the tests were positive for that. In the process of testing they found the elevated ANA and sent me to a rheum. they did the anti-DNA test, and when that was postive, decided that I have lupus. Aparently it is a possible first presentation, but it seems very unusual. I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had this?

I also have high anticardiolipin antibodies, or Antiphosphlipid Syndrome, which I guess is not too uncommon with Lupus. Does anyone else have this?

Thanks again for the great board - I'm looking forward to reading and learning more here.