Hi Everyone,

Until a few weeks ago i did not know what Lupus was, a dear friend was admitted into the Hospital as she was experiencing severe fatigue, headaches and could barely walk, only 27 yrs old.
Her blood test showed SLE and the docs said that it was a critical situation as her kidneys were failing and liver was inflammed, they immediately put her on steroids for 3-4 days, she seemed to look better and was then sent for a dialysis which went fine, though she still looked very weak and wouldnt eat unless force fed, also her speech was affected, and developed a severe cough, docs said this was due to muscle weakness from not eating, she was examined on several occasions and the docs maintained that she was totally fine and was ready to go home soon as she regained her strength. On her 10th day at the hospital she stopped eating or talking totally and seemed to be sleeping all day, we called for the doc who showed up the next day only to tell us that she has indications of lupus cerebritus and needed an MRI, she eventually passed away the next day as the brain had swollen beyond any sort of recovery.
My question is this, for someone with such severe symptoms of Lupus should there not have been given an MRI on admission to the hospital to determine the extent of the infections brought on? I believe her weakness on admission and slurred speech was as a result of her existing L.Cerebritus which went undiagnosed.
What do u think?