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Thread: Leg weakness

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    Because of this conversation, I got out the lab report that my great rheumy gave me in 2009.
    My RNP was 117 and that was flagged as High. The JO-1 antibody was 18 and also flagged as high.
    I had both of the antibodies for Sjogren's flagged - SSA 159 and SSB 22
    The Smith antibody, which I think indicates Lupus, was flagged - 28

    I'm definitely seeing why my doc in Texas said MCTD. The thing for me is that my current rheumy wants to dismiss all of those results because my more recent labs don't show all of that. (Can you say meds are working? - Duh!)
    When I asked about polymyositis or myositis, she just dismissed it. (She thinks I read too much.)
    So now you've got me wondering about those again!

    I probably won't get good answers until I move back to San Antonio - sigh!

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    OMG! I would demand that she look at them again! Everything I have seen about polymyositis and MCTD and the like has to do with those antibodies. I would tell her that you aren't satisfied with what she thinks and I would look at some actual medical reports online that talk about these things so she can't dismiss them. I have read articles about this online from medical journals. I tested positive for SSA, RNP, Sm, and ANA when I was first diagnosed. The results just say "positive" though and give the values so I don't know what was considered high. But if your 117 was high for RNP I would assume my 256 was high too lol I think the reason my rheum will probably never say polymyositis is because of the antibody, even though it basically sounds like the difference between myositis and polymyositis is one is a one time thing and the other is a recurring problem. I would definately ask about those tests again. Even if they are down now that would be expected with meds. Mine are still positive but all are much lower than before I was dx'd.
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