Well I got my lab test results today but the doctor hasn't commented on my account (I can view my results online) normally he'd leave a comment but he hasn't done it yet. Nor have I received a call yet from his nurse.

Here are the abnormal results:

Well this isn't "abnormal per say" but my ANA is negative.

Bun/Creatinine Ratio is 25 (normal is 8-20)
Cabon Dioxide is 19 (normal is 20-32)
C-reactive protein is high at 29.3 (normal is 0-4.9)
Creatinine is high at 1.01 (normal is 0.57-1.0)
Sed rate is high at 35 (normal is 0-32)
Immunofixation (**what is that??**) my result is "IFENOR" not sure what the heck that means. I can't find anything online about it.
MCH is low at 26.5 (normal is 27-34)
NEUT# is high at 8.8 (normal is 1.8-7.8)
(normal?) Nucleated RBC is NP (not present?)
Platelet count is slightly high at 416 (normal is 140-415)
RBC high at 5.14 (normal is 3.8-5.1)
RDW high at 15.5 (normal is 11.7-15)
Rheumatoid Factor is 10 (normal is 0.0-13.9)
Urea Nitrogen is high at 25 (normal is 6-20)
WBC high at 12.1 (normal is 4.0-10.5)

Wow long list of abnormal results. I just wish I knew what it all meant. I think it means my kidneys aren't healthy. But why would my kidneys not be healthy? Ugh. If the doc doesn't call me today I'll call tomorrow morning and see if I can get some answers.

Does anyone here know waht those values mean in regards to some kind of diagnosis? I know you aren't doctors but any help would be appreciated.