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Thread: colchicine in the treatment of mesenteric panniculitis

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    Cool colchicine in the treatment of mesenteric panniculitis

    I have cut and pasted my last two entries from my thread lupus profundis which would explain my nacrosis, but since then I have been given the above title diag. This includes my symptoms of dings in my skin where the fat has disappeared between the boans and top layer of skin, and a lump in the stomach and lots of difficulty in swollering and digesting food slowly.

    Well endoscopy done no further changes which is good, stomach still very swolen, found a new fat necrosis in the breast -5 now(if they all meet uni might've skinny), lump in the stomach, saw dermatologist she not sure, gastro Dr has put me on colchicine in the treatment of mesenteric panniculitis, then surgeon is to see me in the morning with gastro seeing at lunch and he hopes to test this drug and see if it controls it before going into surgery. If this drug doesn't work in the next three to four weeks, then he will try stronger anti immune drugs. This he will try for 3mths then new ct then see if they are going in for the full zipper!

    Thanks for all the support. All I hope is this extended stomach gets some relief.

    Here is a paper for those who want to read further. On mesenteric panniculitis.

    Next morning, I feel some what eased as this new drug has sent me to the toilet 9 times in past 24 hrs which has givenme much relief at least not gastric though. Stomach still swollen but not so much discomfort. The surgeon has turned out to be the wrong type as he he only does bowl and I am to see another surgeonnext week. No side effects yet nice being told if things go wrong with the drug it old kill me, so I have to be very wary of side effects. That's all for now! I haven't turned green yet heehee

    I am to have blood tests in two weeks to ensure my white blood count -side effect and kidneys are all ok. Any gastro which is first sign of toxicity I have to go off pills. I then see gastro dr if all is going well the week before I go over to see the grandchildren (three weeks time)and get travel docs, as I have to travel with special docs just in case. When I get back end of July I then have a new ct to see if improvement and then again reassess if operation is required. Hopefully this drug for mesenteric panniculitis works, and the lump disappears. They then still might open me up for the hernia?
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    For every dark cloud there is a silver lining!
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    It seems like good news that the med seems to be helping a little bit already. I hope that you are feeling much better by the time that you go to see the grandkids. Seeing them will help to take your mind off of all this, I'm sure.
    Enjoy the kids, and then let us know what you find out when you get back home.

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