Today in school, I thought about my cyber family... and figured I should update them on everything going on with my sister, and I. So here I am.
First thing I want to say is that my sister KC is starting to do much better, she hasn't been to the Emergency room for a long time, and hasn't been to the hospital for since even longer ago. So Iím excited that she is doing better. But at this point itís just all up to her, with what she eats, and if she takes care of herself. Recently, she has been sorta inactive, and just lying around the house, drinking pop... Hopefully soon she will start to become more active, and get back to her job, and college. Which she talks about frequently but never has actually gotten her up to do it yet. But I don't know whatís going on because she never talks to me. But again, Iím just hoping she figures everything out.

As for my parents... my dad is still kinda going nuts, because both of my sisters moved out in the past year and he is afraid I will want to move in with my mom too (who recently moved from being 6 hours away. to 15 minutes. around Christmas time.). Which as much as my mom might want me too, I won't... not %100 why, just a gut feeling that I should stay where I am. My mom has been in the Philippines with my younger sister, Jenna, and my other sister who just moved in with her, (Kaitlyn). They left a while ago, in early February and are coming back soon, so I can't wait to see them again.
I know my mom has been worried and misses Kc and I. So she will be happier too.

As for me... I have been a bit better, but still stressed out about school and Kc. Surprisingly more stressed about school right now. My grades haven't been too good, which is odd because first semester I had all A's and B's, and this semester... well, I'll just say not as good as the first. I talked to a guidance counselor about everything going on. I'm not sure why, but I hid a lot from her, a lot of stuff I probably should have told her about. I might go back; she said Iím always welcome if I need to talk to her again. Although I think that it helped deal with some stress, which was surprising to me. Maybe because I have never actually talked to someone about topics I normally would discuss with even my parents. Oh and a side note, if you've read any other posts, I ended up joining the Pit orchestra, and have had fun with it.

To sum things up, Kc is doing much better than last time I posted, and my family is still trying to adjust... but improving.

Slowly but surely my family is starting to get used to a new normal