I had an amazing weekend in the riverland. However, a 'quick trip in the tinny' turned into 6 hours on the river with no sunscreen. And now I'm paying for it.

I have blisters on my nose. My bottom lip is full of coldsores. They are now spreading to my top lip and perhaps my nose so it hurts just to speak. The inside of my mouth is swollen and I have ulcers. My gums are swollen and sore. My tongue is fat. It feels like my teeth are about to fall out. My jaw aches. I eyes are sticky and swollen and sore. I have had a headache since Monday. My shoulder, elbow and hands hurt. Something has been and zapped the life out of me, I am so fatigued I want to cry when I move. The glands in my neck are swollen. The glands in my groin are swollen so much it is uncomfortable to sit or walk. My feet hurt. I'm also due on my period...well I'm not...but it would appear that I'm going to be about 2 weeks early (thanks plaquenil.)

I have missed the last 3 days at work and I think I'll be missing today too. Not that I can afford too. I'm trying to support myself and my partner on a shitty part time wage. I think she's become so demoralised by unsuccesful job searches that she's stopped even looking. She's doing some housekeeping at the hostel today to earn us a few nights accomodation which is a massive help. I can't go to work...it's my job to be bright and bubby and chatty, but my lips start to bleed if I even attempt a smile.

I'm sorry to moan. I know there are people suffering with much worse. It doesn't help that i have a pre-disposition to becoming depressed. Thankyou Bipolar Disorder. So down right now and feeling lost.