I invested in getting a thermometer, since I know a lot of you have frequent low-grade fevers.

I was shocked to find that my temp. was a low 96.2 F. I chalked it up to be because of some water I must of drank or something. But everyday after that I'd check, and it's always in the 96.0 F - 97.0 F range. I know normal body temp. ranges from person to perosn, but that just seems a little low. But hell what do I know!

But, today, I had a temp of 99.0 F. I know technically that isn't a fever yet, but would it be? Since my normal temp seems to be a 96.5 F, that would mean I have a fever? I NEVER get fevers, ever. Or do I? Maybe I've had em' all along, but they seemed normal because we are all under the assumption that 'normal body temperature' doesn't vary from person to person.