Hey Everyone!
My name is Nikki! I'm 21 years old, I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was only 15 years old. I was in Disney Land with my family, and one morning I woke up and my legs were swelling like crazy. We didn't think a whole lot about it, we just kinda thought that I might have been gaining weight. So, when I got back home I drank a ton of water and lost 10 pounds so we figured that I was fine. Well, about two weeks later I went on a trip with the youth group from my church and I started swelling again... Even worse this time. When I got home my mom called my doctor. When we got there he had no idea really what was going on so he made me go though a zillion different tests. He got my lab work back and saw that I had very little protin in my blood, and a lot of it in my urine. So, he sent me to a kidney doctor down in Denver at the Childrens Hospital. He told me that with the way my labs looked I could have one of two things... Small Change Disease (Which is what I wanted... It goes away with time and treatment) or Lupus... I was scared to death when I hear the word Lupus. Lupus? What the heck is Lupus?! So, I went home and my mom and I went online and did a search for Lupus... The first thing I read "LUPUS: A Deadly Disease" I freaked out... I went back to the doctor the next day and I found out I did in fact have Lupus. I've learned sense then that I was very lucky when being diagnosed... I knew within about a week or so that I had Lupus, I've heard horror stories from people who are going on like seven years and still aren't sure if they have Lupus. I'm doing pretty good with my Lupus now, just taking one day at a time! I'm really lucky because two of my really great friends also have Lupus, so it's awesome to be able to have that support I get from them! One of my friends actually is the one that told me about this place, so I decided to check it out! I love meeting new people, I love meeting new people with Lupus even more!!