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Thread: Sjogrens questions.

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    Here's a Sjogren's site I found that has lots of information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wowthird View Post
    Here's a Sjogren's site I found that has lots of information.
    Yes, I lurk at that message board for information all of the time. They just aren't the "cyber family" that WHL is.
    That site has some great articles on the neurological symptoms of Sjogren's.

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    I dont have Lupus (although the rash I get would suggest it), but I have Sjogrens and I cannot emphasise strongly enough to ask your GP to refer you to an eye specialist. It was my eye specialist that got me diagnosed with Sjogrens, I had a weak positive in the blood test but the eye doctor wrote to my rheumy and told him, this was backed up by my dentist.

    Your eyes can suffer greatly with Sjogrens and you need this managing by the right person, my eyes get tested twice a year by my optician and once a year by the eye specialist. The dry eye itself can cause massive issues and you need the right eye drops which will come recommended by the eye specialist.

    Do not be afraid to ask for this referral, my eyes have deteriorated hugely in 6 months, I now have punctal plugs and my vision is quite blurred and I am pleased I am under the right man for the job.

    Get some over the counter drops by all means but dont underestimate what Sjogrens can do to the eyes - insist on a referral.

    Also, I would strongly advise you seeing a dentist every 3 months, floss and brush your teeth within 30 minutes of eating, cut sugar out from your diet and use a flouride rinse twice a day plus an enzyme rinse in between because you may find the enamel on your teeth disappears quicker than cakes at a childrens party.

    But please, get that referral for your eyes - and quickly.

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    Hi Corella,

    I am due for my yearly visit to the eye specialist. Luckely, I don't need a referral, I will make an appointment, promise.
    Thank you for caring.

    I may have been dealt a bad hand, but at least I'm still playing with a full deck. ( most of the time anyway).

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