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Thread: Rheumy appt on Monday (TIPS)?

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    Exclamation Rheumy appt on Monday (TIPS)?

    Hello all,

    I have my first appt to the Rheumy on Monday. Any tips on how I should handle it? I am hoping for a Lupus diagnosis. My PCP conducted an ANA test and the results were: Homogeneous speckled 1:640 or actually it says ">=640 TITER Homogeneous Speckled" I think from my research that means 1:640, correct. Can someone help me understand it?

    I have had major pain and rashes for years and unable to work since 2009. I have had two butterfly rashes as well and EXTREME sun sensitivity and fatigue. Any information, advice, etc. is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks all, love being here glad I found you guys!


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    a couple of things we like to tell everyone....

    write down your questions before you go to the doctors.
    you hear so much at the visit, that you easily forget what you wanted to say.

    start a pain diary.
    listing what hurts and when.
    how you are feeling.
    (physically and mentally)
    you have a very short time to relay to the doctor exactly how you feel, what is happenning to your body.

    keep yor own list of your results.
    dont leave it just up to your doctor.
    that way you know what is happenning to you,
    and can pass it on to each specialist as you see them.

    your understanding of the ana is correct.
    they do not always add "1:" to the front.

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