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    My upper arms seem to burn and get tired very fast when I do things like fold laundry or comb my hair in the shower. I don't know if I should bring this up to my rheummy or not. I might just be REALLY out of shape...and I don't want to seem like a hypochondriac. I am 36 and I just feel really wimpy to not be able to do much with my arms w/o getting tired. I am still quite "strong", meaning I can lift heavy things...I just feel tired in these muscles. I've read about myositis, but I'm not horribly debilitated...I sometimes wonder about having TOO much info. in my do you tell if you are overreacting or have information overload hypochondria?Anyone know much about this(the muscle thing)? Junebug

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    my arms and legs get that with repeated activities, like folding laundry, or walking too far. I'd mention it to your rheumy at your next appt so they can note it in your chart, but if it's not overly bothersome then I wouldn't call them up today and tell them you need an asap visit ya know? If you keep a journal, make sure you note the date and activity of when it happened and you can take that to your appt next time instead of calling. I for one, can't do the journal thing, I can never remember to write it all down LOL

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