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Hi Suzanne,

My personal opinion on my lupus and type 1 diabetes is that they have nothing to do with each other. I believe the only link that my diabetes and lupus have is that their both autoimmune diseases, nothing else. I do think I got them both through heredity though. Lupus from mom, type 1 diabetes from paternal grandpa (and skipping my dad).
Hi Megan,

Yes, Its all auto-immune and Diabetes part in way way back in the family, skips 4 generations, so my daughter is fourth gen...and there's no other family that has Lupus, so it is interesting all round and its seems since my Daughter was diagnosed, it was 1 in 700 were being diagnosed in 2008 and now its gone to 1 in 400 as 2011, so thats a short period of time.
Wish you all the best and apologies sorry to hear about your Mom..