So this is what I sent to my rheumy this morning as a heads up on my lupie status lol...Tell me what you think??

ESR- 4 NORM=0-20
Albumin- 4.8 NORM=3.6-5.1
Glucose,Plasma- 66 NORM=65-99 (Fasting Reference Range)
CK, Total- 113 NORM=29-143
T4,Free,Non-Dialysis- 1.4 NORM=0.8-1.8
TSH- 1.54 NORM=0.40-4.50
C-Reative Protein- <1mg/L (<8)
*C3,Serum- 85 NORM=90-180
*C4,Serum- 15 NORM=16-47

Urinalysis was all normal minus the following:
*Hemoglobin A1C- 5.7% NORM=<5.7%

<5.7%- Decreased risk of diabetes
5.7-6.0%- Increased risk of diabetes
6.1-6.4%- Higher risk of diabetes
> or = 6.5%- Consistent with diabetes

Tissue Transglutaminase AB IGA- <3 U/mL

<5- Negative
5-8- Equivocal
>8- Positive

Complement, Total (CH50)- 55 NORM=31-60

I also wanted to let you know I had a strange episode this morning. I took the 7.5mg dose of prednisone this morning rather than adding to the 4.5mg of what I took yesterday and afterwards I started getting a little dizzy and I figured it might be due to needing to eat since I had only had milk with it. So, I ate something and drank some water but it only got worse. I got dizzy and really pale and was shakey,weak and nauseous and then my stomach started cramping. I ended up having a bowel movement and I had just had one earlier that morning that was looser as they have been. This was the worst one yet and after that my body settled down and I felt better. Of course it caused a bit of anxiety from it happening so quickly but besides being tired after 8 hours of sleep and still a little shakey, slight headache and having a rash on my face i feel "better" from all those symptoms. Shortly after that happened I started feeling hungry again. Food just seems to move too quickly through my system and I'm not sure why. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat but this has been going on for about a week now. I remember the time I went to the ER for the syncope episode and they couldn't figure out why I passed out...this felt almost identical to that except I didn't have the bowel movement issues then. I do seem to have a lot more acidity in my stomach and I am wondering if this plays a part and if the Protonix is doing it's job sufficiently? My body is really tired and worn out so I've been trying to rest and drinking gatorade/water. Despite feeling hungry at times I don't have much of an appetite.