Good morning,

My name is Latrina and I was diagnose lupus and fibromyalgia but undiagnose by 2 other doctors. One doctor stated it didn't know what it was but since I didn't meet 4 out of 11 criteria he is call it "chronic pain syndrome along with chronic fatique syndrome. I went to see another doctor (my 6th one) and he stated it was lupus and also fibromyalgia. I am very confuse and frustrated. At this point I'm just going to accept that I do have lupus since some type of treatment has FINALLY started. I'm currently taking Neurontin, Protonix, Topamax, Zanaflex, Prednisone, Zonfran, and Oxycontin. Also my pain management specialist just started me on Celebrex.

I researched to see if any of these medications interferes with each other and I didn't find anything. However since I have started Celebrex I have developed these very bad rashes on my neck, chest, and back. My question is are they related to any of my meds as a side effect? I ask the pharmacist and they said no but I can't help but wonder maybe since I'm taking so many combined that this is the cause. Another question is are they caused by the lupus illness. Every time I see skin rash related to lupus its always on the face. Can you get rashes elsewhere like on the places I have them??? Last night I was itching so bad I couldn't sleep so I took a Benadryl and rub some Hydrocortisone cream. My best friend keeps asking me since I'm on so much medication why am I still always in pain and feeling sick I told her I don't know. I'm so confused I feel like crying