More often lately I've been tired & I can't go a day (on the week ds of course, since I work) without taking a nap. I found it hard to peel myself off of the bed no matter how late I sleep in. But the one thing that is bothering me is that my fiancée doesn't realize that it's not laziness or sleep deprivation but a chronic illness. When I had my drs appointment to find out what specifically was wrong with me he kept asking me why I was going. He says all I need is to take a multivitamin to "get my energy back". He gets scared when I've had a mild cold or sinus infection, he says he's afraid of me getting really sick since I've been the strong one emotionally in our relationship. But I just don't know how to get through to him that he realizes I'm sick. I've told him time & again what the doctor has told me about my fibromyalgia but he quickly responds my saying I'm a hypochondriac. Recently he's been really understanding when I'm tired or hurting. But I wanted to know of anyone else was going through the same thing? Also, for those of you with young children, how to you manage playing with them before to now (during flares)?

I keep all of you in my prayers. The only one(s) who truly understand what it's like to suffer day in & day out is someone suffering from it as well.