So I've been on plaquenil since 2008 and tried pain meds, Nsaids, etc. Things got worse after my last pregnancy which I delivered in Sept of 2010. I started having Pleurisy issues after that. I've tried to come off the Prednisone a few times now. The first time I had a flare up, the 2nd time I got withdrawals I guess because my adrenals weren't kicking in and I was having adrenal gland "failure" symptoms. Currently I'm on 5.5mg of Pred and due to drop another mg this Tuesday. My rheumy had said if my pain persisted we would try Methotrexate and then in the future if need be we would try Benlysta. So I guess I'm trying to prepare myself for my first "chemo trip" and just wanted to know everyone's experiences/suggestions, etc.

On prednisone I have not gained weight at all in fact i've lost it. I only weigh 97lbs and cannot gain anything. I was told over a year ago that I have IBS and GERD but nothing was every said beyond having IBS. Is there a treatment for it? I recently saw my rheumy and she suggested being tested for Celiacs due to my inability to gain weight despite what I try to do as far as diet etc. I am allergic to soy/barley and many other weeds, grasses, pets, feathers, etc etc. Also allergic to chemicals in sunscreen and highly allergic to black walnut trees. So I am waiting on the lab results for the specific Celiac tests and if they're negative I'm assuming I have allergies to foods and need to avoid them which would put me on a gluten free diet anyway due to the barley allergy. BUT the big dilemma is the soy....literally everything almost is made with soy in it. So what in the heck do I eat???? Anyone with this problem? So bummed out because I look like some drug head and I'm not....don't drink or smoke or anything....Lupus just makes me look bad lol....Help!