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Thread: Starting cellcept while on vacation...eek!

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    Default Starting cellcept while on vacation...eek!

    I am currently fighting a bout of resistant pericarditis. After trying a host of meds including plaquenil, colchicine, steroids and non-steroidals with no avail, my rheumy has decided to try me on cellcept. He is also setting up a referral for me to go the lupus speciality program at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC because he hasn't had such a resistant case before.

    Due to timing, I will be starting the cellcept (starting at a loading dose of 1 per day for a week and ramping up over several weeks to 4 per day) while on a family trip to Florida. We will be staying with my parents and have no particular agenda except to entertain 2 little kids, but I am a little worried about side effects.

    I was wondering if anyone had advice about the side effects of cellcept, I am especially worried about the effects on the gut while being away. It sounds like you are supposed to take it on an empty stomach, but does that cause nausea? Does anyone take it with food? my doc said about 20% of people can't tolerate it at all!

    I'm hoping this med works! I'm hoping to enjoy a little rest, but not too much sun while away!

    Thanks, and hope you are all well!

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    I have been on it for about three weeks now my doc had me start with 500 mg twice daily for a week than move to 1000 mg twice a day. So far i have been able to take it with out any major problems. I do not take it with food unless im having a bad day with nausea before i even take my meds hope it works for you

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