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    Default My Family Doesn't Understand

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this website, and also new to this disease. I was diagnosed with SLE and RA in Dec 2011 after my doctor thought I had lyme disease for over a year. What has been the most frustrating part of this is that I feel like my family just thinks I'm complaining. I've caught some rolling eyes from my mother who thinks that I'm just being dramatic. Or my husband has said that I should just take some tylenol and suck it up, and it really can't be "that bad" which makes it the worst for me - the fact that he doesn't understand what I'm going through and isn't being as supportive about it. I'd expect my friends to not understand as much, because I'm 24 and my friends are all in their 20s too, and we're all young, active, in good shape, and have been healthy our whole lives with no ailments or problems....but it's the most frustrating when my own family doesn't understand it or seem to take me seriously. I didn't want to believe it and I wanted to just be able to "suck it up" and deny that these symptoms were actually there, actually real, and actually painful. But I've realized that I can't. I have vented to my husband, my mother and father, and my siblings so many times, but they all seem to think that's not that bad. But the reality IS bad, and it has been life-altering... I can't do all the same activities that I used to and when I wake up in the morning, my entire body is in pain to the point where sometimes i can't even get up. I'm feeling like everything is spiraling out of control particularly since my husband is not being as supportive as I hoped he would be and it has made us fight a lot more. I came to this website because I wanted to learn about what others are going through. I'm not crazy, right? This is for real, right? This isn't all in my head. The pain, the rashes, the tension, the fatigue, all of it is very real and this site has helped me find others who know that it's real too. So,, thank you for being here to help me come to grips with this and feel reassured.


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