The past two years I have been dealing with vast crazy symptoms that the doctors cant pinpoint to anything. I have had severe fatigue and I have a 2 year old that I have guilt about because I dont spend enough time with her because I am exhausted all the time. My joints hurt on and off I can't do much or I will be in bed for the next few days. I also have had a swollen breast it was like a whole cup size larger than the other one. i looked it up and found breast mastitis. I also have scabs all over my scalp and they are thick. I am always just feeling sick. The only thing I found that most people have when they have lupus is swelling the only swelling that I have noticed is in my breast...although my eyes are always killing me like they are gonna explode from pressure and constant migraine headaches. I also have what looks like a mild butterfly rash which comes out alot when I have a shower.... I am going to try to post the picture I have of it. I also was diagnosed with raynauds years ago. So I am gonna post the picture and please let me know if i am crazy....I have been searching the internet for my symptoms and come up with lupus or fybromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. Thanks so much for your help. rash.jpgrash.jpg