I know we all are always looking for good doctors. I had a appointment at the west Penn lupus center in Pittsburg pa. I am so excited Dr Wasco(I think that's how it's spelled) was great( well worth the six hour round trip) She listened asked lots of question and not once did she get that glazed look on her face that reads enough already. She seemed to understand I have three young children under eight and need to get energy back and take off 70 lbs. She also agreed that Prednisone is not the cure all anytime I don't feel well considering i'm insulin resistant. I left with a check list of thing to do before my appointment next month. I'm so hopeful this mean I can work towards getting some type of order back in my life one where I can get my house cleaned and put two thoughts together. The only thing that I'm not sure of is she thinks I may have Celiacs so I have been reading about it will mean a lot of changes in our house but they say change is good.