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Thread: Butterfly Rash?

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    Default Butterfly Rash?

    Hi so I was just wondering how long do your rashes usually last for? I've had mine for almost 3 months now but instead of getting better its gotten way worse instead! My doctor also said he wouldn't really give me a cream/ointment unless it was absolutely necessary as I've also got pretty sensitive skin. I was also wondering if the rash leaves scars after it fades away? thanks

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    Well I consider my butterfly rash and other rashes that pop up now and then different. My butterfly rash never goes away but it does get darker and lighter depending on how bad my lupus is. I don't think a rash would leave you scars unless your itching and causing trauma to the skin. When im in a relapse my butterfly rash gets really sensitive, almost like if I had a really bad sunburn, and I get little itchy bumps on the rash. As I said, the rash gets better when I get better.
    Now with my other random rashes that im pretty sure most lupus people get feel like any regular rash and ointments work really well, though I feel it takes longer for it to go away that it would a regular person. but thats just me.
    For the rash I found this base, can't remember the name but that doesn't matter, that was loaded with zinc that helped break down the butterfly rash. Yes I asked my doctor about this and yes that is what she told me if it's not true than im sorry. And be careful of what you put on your face, like your face lotion and face wash. I found cetaphil works really well and it might be a little more than some of the other brands but it lasts a lot longer than you would think it would.

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    My butterfly rash never goes completely away but is more noticable in winter,most spring summer and fall I am very red faced due to sun and wind so it kind of covers my butterfly rash. I also break out in splotching red welts but that is usually on arms and shoulder and more directly sun related.

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