This might be a tad long so thanks for reading in advance...

Went to my Rheumy yesterday.. things are ok. He took me off all my NSAIDS due to severe abdominal pain and we are waiting until I see the gastro to decide if I can take them again. He thinks I may have an ulcer or some intestinal issue. The joint pain has been so severe off the Lodine so he prescribed oxymorphone. While there I went over a lot of my recent symptoms: balance issues, falling and tripping, cognitive issues (I'm getting confused very easy now), I have a slight stutter sometimes, and sometimes I have difficulty spitting the words out. I open my mouth to talk but it's almost as if the words are caught in my throat. I've also been having constant dizziness that doesn't feel like vertigo. He referred me to a neuro and I can't get in until April

Now the interesting thing is that I was diagnosed with Graves in 2007 and Celiacs in 2008 and both times I had the EXACT same symptoms I mentioned above. In fact, if I didn't have the joint pain, rashes and hair loss, if feels like deja vu from 2007 and 2008. Both of those disease presented the exact same way.. dizziness, lightheadedness, confusion, stuttering, tripping and difficulty processing information. For my thyroid they put me on the lowest dosage of methamizole and my thryroid levels were normal within weeks. I have been off any thyroid meds for 4 years which is highly unusual for the disease. With the Celiacs I saw every type of doctor and had 60 vials of blood drawn in 3 mos before getting a dx. I saw a neuro then who did tons of tests and now that I think of it.. they dx with mild fibro but nothing else. I had the same symptoms as I do now, but MUCH more severe. In fact, I almost fainted once when I stood up at work. I went on a gluten free diet and within 4 weeks, all the symptoms were gone and I felt great.

So now I'm wondering if I either have multiple AI diseases or if I was misdiagnosed all along. I'm going through hell to get my med records from AZ over to DE because I was my neuro and rheumy to see I went through this twice before. Both times in 2007 and 2008 the neuro told me I was exhibiting signs of possibly have a brain tumor (!) but nothing showed of course. I guess I'm a little more prepared now for when I see my new neuro. I guess the good thing is now they cannot blame the symptoms on my thyroid or gluten!!

Anywho, just wanted to vent a little.. thanks :P