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Thread: Does Plaquenil knock your immune system down?

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    Question Does Plaquenil knock your immune system down?

    I have be sick (cold/flu) 5 or 6 times this winter - which is 4 or 5 times more than usual!!!! I realized I don't really know how Plaquenil works...could it account for all this illness? Just wondering...


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    Hi there,

    Plaquenil is one of the drugs that we take but it is not really known how it works. It is called a "disease modifying drug" and it is believed to interrupt the communication between the cells and the immune system.

    This would make sense because the rest of the drugs that we take all decrease our immune system. It is their job. With AI diseases our immune system works too well. It doesn't just attack unknown objects coming in (like a flu virus) but it stops recognizing our own cells (lungs, kidneys, etc) and begins attacking them. The only way to stop the disease from attacking our body is to lower the immune system.

    I can't answer the question as to whether it is the reason for your being ill more, that would be a question for the doctor. I know that I have to be careful about being around people that are ill because the methotrexate leaves me more susceptible to illness but since they are not even sure how the plaquenil works I really don't know if it can do the same thing.

    Hope this helped a little

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