Hi steve,

Thank you for pointing out this thread to me - as I didn't know about it prior to my own thread posting earlier. This letter is really powerful and useful. I'll have my husband read it. Pretty much every point is exactly how I am feeling and highlights everything that I have wanted to say but just haven't known how to phrase it and get it all out. I also hate how many people have tried to suggest "cures" to me - particularly some of my friends who are really into holistic treatments and alternatives to medications. I haven't gone down that route, but a lot of them think that by taking some herbal supplement or trying some type of mineral that it will magically heal me and I should just try taking it and quit complaining. But I'm glad that everyone on this website promotes the importance of talking to their doctors above anything else. I was shocked to hear that some people have died from lupus...I never even knew that. It makes me feel frightened but I'm glad that you shared this with me because if I have my husband and other loved ones on my side, it could really help me through this.