I need help making my live-in boyfriend understand my new circumstances. He's been informed of my complications, and of course of my recent (somewhat of a) diagnosis of Lupus/Systemic Sclerosis, but he's not getting it. I may be a little sensitive, but it just seems like he's treating this diagnosis as one similar to having strep throat and that I'm 'over-reacting'.

And hell, maybe I am. I'm a little scared, a little relieved, and EXTREMELY confused. There's not a lot out there about SSc and it's hard understanding these overlap diseases. I'm sure those of you with overlap understand. (Is this the Lupus? The Sceroderma? The sun? Is it just a cold?)

I've tried asking him to educate himself, but that hasn't happened. Maybe if I force him to learn about it? LOL.

As far as signifigant others go, I can't complain. And it's not that he 'doesn't care', it's more that he doesn't know how to show it.