:cry: In the past year I have had the opportunity to meet and help hundreds of people with LUPUS 8) , but during that time I too have had my relapses and watched as my health slowly worsened.

This past Friday I was diagnosed with Pneumonia...for those of you who know me I have many, many other auto-immune diseases and one unknown severe Spinal condidtion which may make me wheelcahir bound within the next 5 years

Well between the pneomonia which BTW I will be going in the hospital for tomorrow and the spinal condition.....I got a bad feeling that this is gonna get alot worse before it gets better.

I'll try to stop in now and then and say hello once I'm back on my feet, but after talking with my wife I have decided to give up all the things that take away time from me doing things that keep me healthy.

I will also no longer be referring people with substance abuse problems to the proper treatment orginisations and I suggest you look in the blue pages of your phone book for a referral.

I wish you all GOOD LUCK and hope that in GOD's name we find a cure for this mess we know as LUPUS. I hope all of you go into remisiion and NEVER come out and live long happy healthy lives.

To my friend and co-moderator SUSIE.....it has been my pleasure to have been able to do something that mattered in the name of your beloved Lauri......may god bless her soul :cry:

Well I gotta go pack for my trip to the hospital :twisted: I HATE HOSPITALS

May God Beless each one of you and may you find serenity in the worst of times and pass it on when you feel good and someone else is in desperate need of some.