I develop this rash quite frequently. It seems as if I have it more often than I don't have it. It's usually on my elbows and sometime my hands and knuckles. For forever, I assumed it was a ringworm 'outbreak' becuase there are usually several clusters of them. But now that I've started paying closer attention to them, they are much patchier and swollen and VERY unnattractive LOL! They never respond to normal ringworm treatment. I usually won't waste thre trip to the PCP and I let them resolve on their own.

But, since my recent diagnosis of Lupus/System Sclerosis or Scleroderma.. Or possibly even MCTD, I don't know if I should make an appt. with the doc or not. I have an appt. around the 2nd week of March, can I wait? The rheumy is supposed to be calling me to make an appt., not sure sure when that will be.

Anyways, take a quick look. Anyone recognize this? Ever had it? It's not too itchy, if it is, it's usually the ones of my hands, but it is painful to touch. I have a bad habit of supporting myself on my elbows and I DEF. cannot do this now with these little boogers.