Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the great information in this site. I am new and still trying to weed through the posts to find answers to some of the questions I have. I was diagnosed with Lupus last September and I am on Plaquenil. I see the Rheumatologist every couple of months and at my last appointment in early January both my blood work and symptoms had improved since starting the medication. Recently I have noticed again a decline in how I feel and the return of some of my previous problems.

I'm not exactly sure what is considered a "flare up" or how to recognize it. Do people have frequent flare ups within months of each other? Can they resolve on their own or is it something that usually means an adjustment in medication? My appointment is at the end of March and I don't want to ask them to move it up if things usually settle down on their own, but I'm not liking the return of some of these symptoms.

Thank you,