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Thread: Infrared lighting and rashes????

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    Default Infrared lighting and rashes????

    I keep hearing about dry heat saunas and how they can help inflamation and the pain from RA. But how about lupus? Can infrared light be harmful to lupus patients like UV light is? I've always enjoyed a wet sauna and love a hot bath but. My rheumy says both/either heat and ice can help me with my pain, whichever works, but I just don't know. SaySusie, you are a wealth of information and I would appreciate knowing what you believe about infrared light. Thanks

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    Hi PattyLatty;

    Infrared light therapy products create infrared radiation to produce deeply penetrating heat. Heat relaxes muscles and causes increased blood flow circulation through vasodilation. Heat therapy has long been used as a traditional treatment for painful musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis and Lupus. Some lupus patients claim that they get relief from far infared saunas.
    Far infrared is a type of infrared energy. Far infrared is the long band wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum, generally greater than 10 microns. The far infrared sauna is a variation on the traditional steam sauna. Instead of simply using heat as a method of relaxation and detoxification, the far infrared sauna uses infrared emitters. Far infrared heat is believed to penetrate deeper into the fat and muscles of the body (25 - 35 mm) than topical conductive heat alone (2 - 3 mm), thereby producing greater circulation and more beneficial pain-relief effects. In addition, the temperature in the far infrared sauna does not reach the high temperatures necessary for a traditional sauna, so the far infrared sauna may be easier to tolerate for many Lupus patients and people in general.


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