I finally was able to figure out my headache problem, too much sodium. It's not like I ate fast food and fried dough all the time and I don't drink cokes. I can't remember who said that they have the same problem with headaches if they just get a little bit more sodium in their diet that day but thats exactly how it is now. After I convinced my frustrating doctor of this she gave me medication for it. Now I don't have to be as diligent about my sodium intake but I still have to watch constantly what I eat now. I just realized that im going to have to do this for the rest of my life, I know it's insignificant compared to the rest of my problems but im only 20. Now that it's been a couple of months of this I am finally able to get a constant supply low sodium food in my house now. I am slowly converting all my families food to low sodium stuff, and I do all the grocery shopping btw. It was a bit difficult the first few weeks because all I had in the house that wasn't going to make me sick was some old potatoes I baked, sour cream, and cucumbers. So really why im whining is because my twin sister just moved out on Wednesday and I was packing up all the food that I couldn't eat anymore so she can take it. There was some im really going to miss, like my popcorn.