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    Default Bradycardia

    Who would have thought Bradycardia had anything to do with Lupus, not that anyone who has Lupus will have it or vice versa. I have known for eons I have Bradycardia...almost 30 years. While in the military I had to undergo pilots physical in order to remain qualified as an air traffic controller. They would always say I am so athletic because of my low pulse rate during an EKG, and I would say not really..that is when I first found out I have it. Since then, EKGs have read 'bradycardia otherwise normal'. the other day, while having a severe panic anxiety attack from my own thoughts, but also a serious side effect from Viibyrd, tremors during a DR appointment they thought I was having a heart attack as heart disease runs at an early age in my gene pool. Sister had a heart attack at 46, brother STENTS installed at 50..Mom and Dad heart bypass before 55. The nurse ran and got the EKG unit...'bradycardia otherwise normal. Recommended though, to start seeing a cardiologist regarding my family history,k age and having lupus.

    To sum it up, I researched bradycardia when I came home...and I was surprised it said, inflammatory diseases such as Lupus and RA can cause bradycardia..who knew. Still learning about Lupus

    BTW, I am still in love with a furry ball. Sweetness and goodness..
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    I have Lupus. So *^#@! what.

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