Hey there,

A few of you may know I've been 'kind of diagnosed' by a GP after seeing several doctors, having bloodwork done as often as I nip to the supermarket and struggling with the general on-again off-again nature that this illness is playing around with.

But I have my first official Rheumy appointment next Wednesday because I've stopped travelling and parked my arse in one place for more than a week or so, determined to get sorted. I'm seeing Dr William Hill in Adelaide.

SO what do I do? I've thought of taking a list of symptoms but I (like most Lupies) could write a dictionary. Should I categorise them? Skin, Skeleto-muscular, digestive, neurological etc. Or will I just come across like a moaning miserable idiot? I can walk, I can talk, feed myself, socialise, I look and appear like anyone else, I smile most days, I don't feel like I'm dying...is it still ok to make an epic list of varied but disruptive symptoms even though they don't always take over my life? The joint pain: yes, because it screws me over. The palpitations and sore lungs: yes because they worry me. But scalp rashes and blotchy hands...are they worth mentioning?

Any advice about this and anything else I can do in prep for my first appointment is very very very much appreciated as always. Hope everyone is coping ok today xx