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Thread: 1st Rheumy Appointment Advice Please...

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    Default 1st Rheumy Appointment Advice Please...

    Hey there,

    A few of you may know I've been 'kind of diagnosed' by a GP after seeing several doctors, having bloodwork done as often as I nip to the supermarket and struggling with the general on-again off-again nature that this illness is playing around with.

    But I have my first official Rheumy appointment next Wednesday because I've stopped travelling and parked my arse in one place for more than a week or so, determined to get sorted. I'm seeing Dr William Hill in Adelaide.

    SO what do I do? I've thought of taking a list of symptoms but I (like most Lupies) could write a dictionary. Should I categorise them? Skin, Skeleto-muscular, digestive, neurological etc. Or will I just come across like a moaning miserable idiot? I can walk, I can talk, feed myself, socialise, I look and appear like anyone else, I smile most days, I don't feel like I'm it still ok to make an epic list of varied but disruptive symptoms even though they don't always take over my life? The joint pain: yes, because it screws me over. The palpitations and sore lungs: yes because they worry me. But scalp rashes and blotchy hands...are they worth mentioning?

    Any advice about this and anything else I can do in prep for my first appointment is very very very much appreciated as always. Hope everyone is coping ok today xx
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    I would write EVERYTHING down and take it with you. Even after doing that, I was surprised by a few of the questions that he asked me -- I thought I had covered it all! I hope the appt goes well, and you feel like he/she LISTENS to you! Good luck!

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    you need to give the doctor a complete picture of helen.
    not just an abridged version.

    it is only by knowing the full story, can he make an informed diagnosis.

    comment that ##### is not dabilitating, but still mention it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shine View Post
    But scalp rashes and blotchy hands...
    Given the fact that rashes and other dermatological conditions can be part of the diagnostic criteria for various autoimmune conditions, most definitely!

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