Sorry guys but it seems i am going to be constantly asking questions as i cant seem to get answers from the doctors over here firstly do most of you receive your lupus treatment from a rheumatoligist or nephroligist in Alans case he is nephroligist as he has cronic kidney disease this we are not happy about as she has told us she doesn't know a lot about lupus we think he should be getting any treatment and advice from the rheumi do you agree? Next question what do you know about shunt nephritis ? To explain Alans rheumi and a rheumi professor are not certain if Alan actually does have Lupus even thought the shunt nephritis test was negative they are still not convinced Alan has had 1 ANA positive result back in 2007 when he was in hospital with scepticemia EVERY ANA test since then has been negative!!! however what they've said is although all the ANA are negative he has (low compliment) levels im not a doctor so don't know what this means! The reason we are having a problem with all this is because as you all know Alan had a motorcycle accident in 2006 and we are still waiting for his compensation case to settle what Alans lawyers are trying to establish is : was the accident the trigger that caused the lupus or does he actually have lupus ? they think its still shunt nephritis and if it is they can say that he wouldnt of got shunt nephritis if he hadnt of had the accident this they say will boost his compensation claim however if its lupus the lawyers we are fighting are saying regardless of whether Alan had had the accident he was always going to get lupus and this would significantly reduce his claim. Honestly Alan and I are sick of it all we just want to know whats wrong with Alan and get him the best treatment possible and get on with our lives without having a court case hanging over us for 5 and a half years Alan is deteriorating rapidly every day he is still having daily seizures which the neuroligist says are being brought on by stress!!! All advice greatly received thanks Mary.x