Hi guys
well as the title says im back after several months of questions tests and more tests it has been confirmed Alan definately has Lupus not shunt nephritis!!! However as a result of all the tests they have done they have discovered he has an enlarged right side of his heart.So we are going for tests now at Cardiology to find out if this is due to Lupus or not!!! He is still having seizures more or less on a daily basis although not as many as he was having some days he can have 11 some just 2 or 3. Since I have been last on he has also been diagnosed with steroid induced diabetes! Insulin dependant. So the next plan of action is to start 6 month course of chemotherapy he already had 3 infusions which didnt seem to be helping and his kidney function has dropped to 26% so not so good on that front.Hope you are all well .
Take Care Mary xxx