I am newly diagnosed with lupus and one of my first symptoms was severe abdominal pain. I had just had a baby via c section so I thought it could have just been part of the recovery after having a baby! The abdominal pain would come and go. At first more sporadically than it comes now. Now it comes almost every day. I recall that my stomach hurt so terribly on this past Thanksgiving I could barely eat dinner. I feels like a sharp, stabbing pain that definitely worsens with eating. Cold water seems to help. So I kept just dealing with it. My rheumy was just keeping an eye on it. Then last week it was very severe. I was at work and ate a salad for dinner and about 20 minutes later the pain came on sooo strong. I was sweating, had goosebumps, was clammy and I couldn't sit still from the pain. My Rheumy told me to go to the ER. They didn't see anything in my blood work for liver and pancreas function (I had pancreatitis at 17) or in the ultrasound. However, while examining my stomach it began to spasm out of control for several hours. This has never happened before. It lasted for a few days. They put me on Dilaudid 2mg and Bentyl 4 times a day.

I am waiting to see a gastrointerologist next month for a scope into my stomach. Has anyone else had issues with their digestive system? I feel like all of these symptoms are coming so quickly and so strongly.