I just joined this site today. I am a 35 year old married female with 2 little kids (2 and 4). I had always been relatively healthy except for gallbladder and fibroid surgeries. I ended up at my OB office with complaints of night sweats and lethargy around Thanksgiving and my bloodwork was normal except an elevated c reactive protein, so the doctor ordered more bloodwork which indicated a positive ANA and very elevated anti ds DNA (221, normal range of <9), and funny enough a normal c reactive protein the second time. While I was waiting to get into the rheumatologist, the joint aches, mild fevers and mouth sores pretty much solidified the diagnosis.

The rheum diagnosed me with SLE right away and I started on Plaquenil 200mg twice a day at my first visit. About a week after my appointment I had sudden crushing chest pain and ended up at urgent care with a diagnosis of pericarditis and started on just 10mg prednisone once daily. My rheum was away, but he saw me as soon as he returned and increased the pred to 20mg twice daily, and added colchicine 0.6mg twice daily.

I am wondering if anyone has been started on pred and colchicine at the same time for pericarditis and how long it took to resolve the chest pain and to be able to taper the pred. Do you stay on colchicine long term or have you been able to get off that as well?

I have been having trouble sleeping with the chest pain and now have a cold on top of it which doesn't help!

Thank you for being a great support community! I have learned a lot while reading through your experiences!