Hi all. I had a rheumy appt yesterday was not very happy when I left. They were NO help at all.
I just had my eye tests, including a field vision with red for the plaquenil and it was fine. But I keep having these "episodes" where, the only way to describe it is after you have looked at a bright light and look away, those spots you see afterward? I haven't looked at any lights, and the spots are more like dots, this makes me very disoriented. It's happened 3 times in the last two weeks, 2 of which were before my eye appt so I told them but he didn't see anything. The last one was this past Sunday and I was talking to a friend, I could hear everything she said but it was like my brain was in a tunnel. It only lasts 5 mins at the most but it's worrying me.
My memory issues are getting worse. I have been doing the same job, with the same schedule for 4 years. Now I have to write down what I need to do for month end or when the acct. comes I haven't done it. This has happened three times in the last 4 months.
The rash that I had so bad on my back finally went away. Now it's on my neck. Makes me feel like it is creeping towards my brain.
So his advice was call the eye dr back about the spots, call the primary about the memory, and call the derm about the rash???? What the hell am I paying the rheumy for? Not to mention the gas prices having to drive to another state for the appt?????
I really don't think the eye thing is actually related to my vision. I don't know what it is but I really think my eyes are fine, so long as I wear glasses The only thing he did for me was give me labsheets to get blood and urinalysis done (for the back pain I've been having that vicodin won't touch).
I asked him if he thought my brain was ok cause this is really freaking me out. He said well I can't make any promises and we'll look into that if nothing else shows up but I think your brain is probably fine. So any ideas what this could be? I hate calling my dr for something that isn't a big deal ya know? What would you do? Luckily the eye thing hasn't happened when I was driving. Twice I was at home and once in my office. It makes me dizzy when it happens.