I have my 'first' appt. tomorrow morning after a long ten years of off and on appts. that led no where. PLEASE please pray for me and wish me much luck!

I know it isn't smart, and no one hear condones it,I'm trying to enduce flare. Two weeks ago it seemed to be at it's strongest, and I had wished I was able to see the doctor then. It's been 14 days and though I am still in pain, showing rashes, and pretty damn miserable, I look nothing and feel nothing like I did at the onset. I know that being in the sun gives me terrible rashes on my chest.. But it's too cold and I have to be out in it for a long period of time for it to show up. So I am going to the tanning bed! Hopefully that gives my flare a little kick.

I am not crazy, I am just desperate for my doctor to SEE what I FEEL.

This is a new doc, and they think it is just an annual wellness exam. They told me no food or liquid after midnight. I'm hoping they are already doing bloodwork, but if not.. I think I'll request it.

Once again, PLEASE wish me luck!!!!!